Grat Orog

Half-Orc War Veteran, trying to keep the peace.


Imagine a grey-green-skinned Roger Murtaugh in a medieval setting.


Grat Orog is a veteran of the Second Inland Sea War, and knows firsthand the sort of mindless destruction such a war can wreak on the common people.

Through and act of incredible heroism (or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, if you ask him), Grat saved a company of soldiers from an ambush. The soldiers’ commander was the Compte de Burroughs, Lord of Narrows. After the War, Grat was given a pension and the job of Sheriff of Narrows.

Until now, the job mostly involved keeping the drunks off the streets and butting heads with Melikus and the other criminals posing as merchants in the town. But now murders, undead, undead murderers and way too many weird things are happening in HIS town.

He’s a small-town sheriff, not some fool hero, but he keeps finding himself thrust into the role.

Grat Orog

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