Harloc Rantag

Brooding ranger


Harloc has rugged features typical of the nomadic folk who hunt the farthest reaches of the Unclaimed North.
He wears furs and skins and eschews the modern armor and clothes of the more “civilized” folk of the Inland Sea, save the white cloak indicative of the Northriders, an elite band of rangers who defend isolated settlements in the region.


Harloc’s mother was a nomad, his father a fur-trapper from the small town of Avondale.

In the oppressive years leading up to the Second Inland Sea War, Harloc’s town and family were wiped out by a raiding party from Loraxik.

Adopted by his mother’s tribe, he learned woodcraft and the way of the bow until he became the foremost hunter and tracker of his band.

War came and while his People tried to stay out of the fight, the fight found them. Many of his people were slain in those dark years, but Harloc became a legend among the Free Cities, and nightmare to the Alliance of Loraxik.

After the war he fought on, defending settlements too small or insignificant to warrant official protection.

Fate one day sent him to Narrows, and he ended up in the right place at the right time.

Harloc Rantag

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