Tarquinn of the Black Staff


Young, muscular, and absolutely driven to achieving physical and spiritual perfection.

Tarquinn sports a bald head, a chiseled physique, and many tattooed runes of power along his arms and torso.


Tarquinn is orginally from a small hamlet somewhere along the coast of the Inland Sea. At an early age his village was attacked & slaughtered with a number of children taken as slaves and driven south – Tarquinn was one of these. Eventually Tarquinn was liberated from the Slavers and taken into a Monastic Order that revered the Truth of Zeal.

Once Tarquinn became of age and finished his apprenticeship at the Monastery he headed North to learn more about his family and hopefully find out who as at fault so he could seek vengenance upon them… Which lead him to a small town called Narrows…

Tarquinn of the Black Staff

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