Tenran Suiga

Holy monk who has eschewed all possessions


Dressed in rags, with an unkempt beard and simple sandals, Tenran looks more like a beggar than a sacred warrior.

However those who have faced him in combat know that he is a deadly enemy to those who would do evil.


Tenran hails from a land far to the south, and he brings the mannerisms and accent of that culture with him, though for whatever reason he has not chosen to volunteer any information regarding his homeland.

He spends the majority of his life traveling to various monasteries, rocky tors, temples and anywhere else he may hone his skills. Like most monks, he sees weapons and armour as a crutch, a hindrance to achieving physical perfection. After careful deliberation he decided this was not enough, and that eschewing material wealth was necessary to achieve spiritual harmony.

It has been long, solitary journey to Narrows, and though he had been alone for those years he welcomes the company of his companions.

Tenran Suiga

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