Elf Necromancer


Tall, think and pale, with bone-white skin and grey-blue hair.
Helon looks more like the corpses he animates than he fellow mortals.


Helon was a Citizen Mage of the elf city of Shutul, and was one of its few survivors when the Green Lord Astajaxillin destroyed it during the Second Inland Sea War.

During the war he raised many of the bodies of his kinfolk to fight as undying legions against the Alliance of Loraxik. While this helped turn the tide of the war, he was ostracized by his remaining people due to the abhorrent acts of necromancy he committed.

Shunned by his own people after the war, Helon migrated to Malmirton, where he became an officer in the city militia and spy service.

After helping the so-called Heroes of Narrows clear their names in a murder case, he elected to join them in their journey north to find the true perpetrators of the crime. He also helped Melikus evade the punishment he faced in the afterlife by binding his soul to his now undead body.

His journey ended when he sacrificed himself to save a small town from annihilation. He could not save the town, but he ensured their deaths were avenged.

In the small hamlet of Windfall, a statue of Helon stands, marking his final resting place.


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