Mad halfling barbarian who insists he's a polymorphed ogre.


Short (even for a halfling), fierce and completely detached from reality.
Clad in leathers, spikes and spiky leathers and wielding an axe three-times as tall as he is.


No one really knows where Karg came from originally.

What is known is that once a small village of halflings was set upon by a horde of ogres. As Karg tells it, he was one of the ogres-killing, looting and eating the halflings. Until one last surviving halfling cursed Mighty Karg to turn into a weak, puny halfling himself. He now tries to find a wizard powerful enough to undo the curse…

Or perhaps Karg never existed. However there was a village of halflings slaughtered, save one, by a horde of ogres. Perhaps the remaining halfling could not process the trauma, instead he reconciled the event to where believed he was the ogre instead of the victim.

Regardless, Karg has found himself thrust into the unlikely role of hero, showing just how desperate things are.


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