Catfolk Warlock


Dashar was a simple catfolk hunter, eking out a simple living with the rest of him tribe.

Returning one day to his village from foraging, he found it razed to the ground and all his people – his mother, his sister, his mate and her kits – all brutally slain.

As he despaired over their deaths, a smirking figure appeared before him. The shadowy creature taunted Dashar’s weakness. Dashar’s attacked, but was easily rebuffed.

The entity offered Dashar’s a bargain:
His immortal soul in exchange for the power to avenge his people.

Almost immediately, two of the village’s attackers returned, eager to finish the slaughter.

With little choice, the catfolk accepted the entity’s bargain, and he felt Hellish energies burning in him.

With a mere gesture, a bolt of power slammed one of the attackers, striking him dead. The second attacker closed in to strike Dashar’s down, but in a blink of the eye, the catfolk disappeared and reappeared behind the remaining attacker, summoning a blade of Hellfire and running through the attacker.

“Our bargain is struck,” the entity chuckled, vanishing.


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